Hello, you’re officially being tagged: “Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your followers (non-negotiable)!” Have a lovely day :)

1. because i’m a big pile of shit nah just fangirling

2. my nose even though its big. yeah i love it

3. that i love bands 

4. that i love books

5 that i have 3k followers. awesome

thanks love

You are beauty, passion and fierce intellect.




when you unsuspectingly see your best friend at the store


why the fuck would this be my reaction

You must not have a best friend


Arya Stark Appreciation Week
           ⌊ Day #1 → Favourite Quote

Lady Smallwood fussed at the bodice of the gown. “Now you look a proper young lady.” I’m not a lady, Arya wanted to tell her, I’m a wolf. [ASOS]


Things I Need

  • good skin
  • $$$$$
  • a tall boy that will worship me and tell me i’m pretty 

It's c o m p l i c a t e d }

Adam looked up at Ronan. “I know it was you,” he said. “I figured it out. The rent.”

He held Ronan’s gaze for just a moment longer, until something inside Ronan unwound and he almost said something.

New gender: Potiongender


A gender that is too strong. This gender could kill a dragon, let alone a man. Best suited for those who have no respect for knights.

summary of my life in one sentence

❝ What doesn’t kill me should run, because now I’m fucking pissed ❞

— (via meaty-bicycle)

He pulls me to him. I take a breath before he touches his lips to mine.

I taste the wine on his lips. He kisses me gently at first and then, as if he’s reaching for something more, he pushes me against the wall and kisses me harder.

[Legend - Marie Lu]

+Klarybel& philippines


hi i'm klary and i have an unhealthy obsession of books and oreo
Fangirl. Misfit. Bibliophile. Photoshop enthusiast. a local dancer. Model and Psychologist Ψ the making.
Crying over: Max Irons, Conor Mclain & Taylor Kelly ,The Cab... all time low god damn it and augustus waters.
Reading: Shooting Scars(the sinners trilogy #2) byKarina Halle